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Select and Paysafe

Combining Vindicia Select advanced customer retention with the Paysafe payment processor

The proven, reliable Paysafe payment processor platform is integrated with Vindicia® Select, the leading customer retention solution that resolves failed payment transactions. The integrated solution lets your business securely bill unprecedented volumes of recurring payment transactions, while automatically resolving previously declined card payments.

The Paysafe payment platform provides everything you need to confidently accept payments from customers around the world. Through a fully PCI-compliant integrated online payment processing solution, your customers will enjoy a seamless and trustworthy checkout experience.

Vindicia Select automatically evaluates failed payment transactions and applies proprietary business rules and logic to optimize the transaction, so that the payment can be processed successfully. The result: a dramatic reduction in customer churn. Your organization retains the revenues from both the current billing and all future billings, because your customer stays with your product or service.

For more information, read our Vindicia-Paysafe Partner Solution Brief.