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Improve subscriber retention and recurring revenue to maximize ACLV

As an innovative CMO responsible for marketing your company’s products or services using the subscription business model, your ultimate success is reflected in the numbers. Like many online providers, you rely on revenue streams from subscriptions, memberships, and other recurring sources. You win when you attract more customers and achieve an excellent return on your customer acquisition costs. Of course, once you’ve acquired a customer, you need to retain his or her business over the long term. The formula seems simple: Win customers and keep them.

The key to taking the average customer lifetime value (ACLV) and other success measures to new heights is strategic subscription management. Read our featured white paper “On the CMO’s Agenda: 7 Unexpected Ways to Improve Retention and Other Recurring Revenue KPIs” and see how the right subscription billing platform can deliver strategic advantages to your company:

  1. Take advantage of marketing flexibility to empower your team to acquire customers
  2. Expand your subscription business model to attract more customers
  3. Use proactive channel management facilities to build revenue
  4. Lower involuntary churn to increase recurring revenue
  5. Gain insights by benchmarking billing metrics against peers
  6. Turn business intelligence into opportunity
  7. Achieve global growth

We offer two strategic subscription billing solutions to help you achieve your desired results: Vindicia® CashBox® and Vindicia Select. CashBox is our comprehensive, SaaS-based subscription and recurring billing platform that helps you increase revenue and customer satisfaction at every stage in the customer lifecycle. If you already have an agile billing platform in place, our Select solution works hand-in-hand with your existing system – leveraging our advanced retention technology to dramatically reduce the customer churn caused by failed payment transactions.

View our infographic: Do Subscription-based Companies Need Ads to Thrive?

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