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Customer Acquisition

With Our Advanced Acquisition Solutions, You Are Always Shopping for New Customers

Increase your customer acquisition and instantly carry off increased revenue

To be successful, you need to fully understand the conversion rates of your various acquisition solutions and their long-term impact on your profitability. That's why our subscription management and recurring payment solutions provide unmatched capabilities to support the customer acquisition process, including:

  • Native integration with global payment methods, currencies, and tax regimes
  • Channel acquisition solutions and affiliate management
  • Customer acquisition solutions and campaign management facilities
  • Detailed analytics to track ongoing subscriber trends

Vindicia® CashBox®  advanced customer acquisition solutions make it easy to attract new customers, renew, upgrade and expand your subscription customer base. Our robust set of tools support every step of the acquisition process. Learn how our solutions can help your brand dramatically increase your customer acquisitions. You can constantly experiment to attract the broadest audience possible and capture more revenue. Analyze and manage the effectiveness of your campaigns through customer insights until you find just the right price and the right customers to maximize your average customer lifetime value (ACLV) through data-driven aquisition.

Going global with Vindicia

Want to expand into new markets? Our SaaS-based subscription management and customer acquisition solutions have a proven track record of helping businesses succeed in every major global region. Bill in local currencies, send communications in local languages and automatically apply the correct tax codes. What's more, with our acquisition solutions you'll be able to accept the broadest range of the most popular payment methods, from credit cards and debit cards, to Amazon Payments and PayPal, to mobile carrier billing, and even to country-specific payment methods.

At Vindicia, we are constantly introducing new subscription payment methods into our subscription billing and recurring payment solutions to further drive the customer acquisition success of our clients.

View our infographic: Do Subscription-based Companies Need Ads to Thrive?

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Vindicia CashBox Overview

Vindicia CashBox Overview

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