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Subscription Billing for Web-based Businesses

Acquire new subscribers, optimize retention rates, and expand your business

At Vindicia, we help web-based businesses of all types thrive in an increasingly subscription-based economy. Our field-proven solutions keep recurring-billed services flowing, profitable, and available. Our clients span all online business segments – as well as the globe – and include leading brands such as Vimeo, DirecTV, Telstra, the Motley Fool, LogMeIn, Beats Music, Hightail, Mind Candy, and the NBA.

Vindicia® CashBox® is our SaaS-based subscription billing and recurring payment platform that combines cutting-edge customer acquisition methods with advanced customer retention technologies, while maintaining unmatched scalability and 99.999% up-time. Designed to support the entire subscription lifecycle, CashBox helps businesses grow bigger, faster. It also delivers the back-office finance, tax, and anti-fraud automation you expect in an enterprise-class subscription billing solution.

Vindicia CashBox overcomes subscription billing challenges that can choke revenue – and includes capabilities that can accelerate your growth rate. CashBox delivers measurable revenue uplift because it helps you:

  • Create, test, and refine offers faster, helping you acquire more subscribers as you optimize promotions and pricing
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention by resolving transaction issues without inconveniencing your customers
  • Enroll new customers and serve existing customers even when demand spikes

CashBox lets you accept any currency supported by our payment processors, including all of the world’s leading currencies. And as the first subscription billing platform to accept Amazon Payments, we help you reach people who prefer to pay through their existing Amazon account. CashBox also supports PayPal and regionally popular payment alternatives.

Increase customer retention with Vindicia Select

If your business already has an efficient, agile billing system in place, Vindicia Select™ is the perfect companion solution to your existing system, increasing subscriber retention and driving higher revenue and customer lifetime value. Using our innovative ART Advanced Retention Technology™ (ART), Vindicia Select dramatically reduces the churn caused by failed payment transactions.

Vindicia CashBox

Speed your time to market and drive recurring revenue streams with Vindicia CashBox


Vindicia Select

Increase your customer retention and build greater recurring revenue with Vindicia Select

Vindicia CashBox Overview

Vindicia CashBox Overview

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