OTT Monetization Solutions for Broadcasters and Networks

Put a Focus on Your Recurring Revenue Streams with Vindicia

Broadcasters and networks acquire and retain customers and create more predictable revenue streams

As a traditional broadcaster or network, your organization has most likely relied on the tried-and-true ad-based revenue model. However, today many broadcasters are seeing the light by discovering the advantages of over-the-top (OTT) video streaming and monetization. In fact, some are discovering that enabling OTT video consumption can actually boost traditional broadcast viewing.

As broadcasters and networks continue to test the waters of online video consumption and subscriptions, many have discovered that success can be facilitated with the help of OTT monetization solution experts such as Vindicia.

Vindicia provides broadcasters and networks with a SaaS-based, subscription-enabling, recurring billing platform with integrated best practices that optimizes customer retention, enhance acquisition rates, and minimize operational overhead. With Vindicia’s comprehensive monetization solutions – including Vindicia® CashBox® and Vindicia Select™ – networks and broadcasters wishing to sell OTT content online via subscription, SVOD, or VOD business models can outsource their non-core-competency video monetization requirements to the most flexible and dynamic OTT billing solution provider in the market today.

Benefits of Vindicia solutions

  • Unmatched scalability and reliability
  • Go-to-market flexibility
  • Campaign management and promotional marketing
  • Comprehensive billing administration
  • Global transaction support, including support for multiple payment strategies and methods
  • Compliant, military-grade security, and integrated fraud management
  • Revenue-enhancing dashboards, reports and analytics
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