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In the past, telecommunications companies, cable and satellite providers, and other multi-system operators (MSOs) were sitting pretty with a loyal and captive customer base locked into lucrative long-term plans under strict control. Today, however, customers’ exclusive loyalty has slipped dramatically. With the proliferation of mobile devices for consuming content – coupled with new over-the-top (OTT) services siphoning off more and more customers – creating new subscription revenue opportunities while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty are key objectives.

If you’re a traditional infrastructure operator, you may be relying on dated, static subscription billing solutions. But if you wish to enter the OTT fray to take advantage of higher-margin services, you’ll require a flexible OTT monetization and subscription billing solution that doesn’t create a barrier to winning customers outside of your established network footprint. You’ll need a flexible subscription management and recurring payment solution that will help you capitalize on OTT services and related subscription business models.

Vindicia monetization solutions

Vindicia offers two SaaS-based OTT monetization solutions: Vindicia® CashBox®, a complete subscriber acquisition, billing and retention solution, and Vindicia Select, a companion solution that works with any existing subscription billing system. Both solutions were created from the premise that strategic monetization is critical not just as an operational necessity for successful OTT service models, but also as a marketing resource that strengthens customer acquisition and retention.

CashBox is ideal for MSOs that require a complete OTT subscriber acquisition, monetization, subscription billing, and retention solution. Provided as a comprehensive SaaS platform, CashBox offers integrated marketing functionality and best practices to optimize customer retention, enhance acquisition rates, and minimize operational overhead. With CashBox, telcos, cable and satellite operators looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of OTT services can take full control of their new subscription business models with detailed analytics and best practices to grow new subscription revenue.

For operators who already have an efficient, agile billing system in place, Vindicia Select is the perfect companion for subscription billing solution to increase OTT subscriber retention to drive higher revenue and customer lifetime value. Vindicia Select works hand-in-hand with your existing billing system. Using our advanced retention technology, Select dramatically reduces the churn caused by failed payment transactions.

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