Subscription Monetization Success for Sports, eSports and Gaming

If sports entertainment is your business, Vindicia CashBox will help you win

Sports entertainment today is a rapidly expanding $1.3 trillion dollar business. eSports and gaming have accelerated this market even faster, drawing in new audiences, new engagement types, and new monetization opportunities.

Vindicia has championed subscription monetization and management for sports and gaming companies for over 15 years. Vindicia clients like the NBA, NASCAR Digital Media, Chelsea Football Club, Major League Gaming and Mind Candy rely on the Vindicia® CashBox® platform and its unique features specifically designed for sports and gaming providers to cash in on one-time and recurring revenues.

Monetizing Sports

Fans today are passionate about sports. They demand much more from their service providers – such as statistics, in-depth profiles, and footage of training sessions and player interviews.

With Vindicia CashBox, you can attract fans with features such as seasonal subscriptions, a select number of games per month, or just their favorite team. Monetize occasional viewers with one-time PPV models. And provide special features like priority seating, merchandise, and partner discounts.

Monetizing eSports

The distinction between the consumption of eSports and traditional sports is diminishing, especially among millennials and Gen Z. eSports gaming today is undeniably a real-time spectator sport, just like hockey, football, basketball or baseball. Monetization options go beyond the actual content with second screen packages for data and statistics, apparel, memorabilia and more.

CashBox gives you the flexibility to construct offers the way you want, unconstrained by internal IT dictates. Define almost any offer and launch it in minutes, selling globally in most currencies and countries with support for over 90 global payment methods. CashBox also takes care of tax requirements and privacy regulations.

Monetizing Gaming

For gaming platforms like Major League Gaming, Vindicia offers comprehensive tools to propel subscriber growth. Attract new customers with digital acquisition and coupon-based campaigns. Track the efficiency of each channel to ensure appropriate advertising investments. Design multiple pricing options, offer freemium content, and allow occasional users to try out your service with free trials and one-time charges. And fight churn with our customer retention capabilities.

Scaling for Success

By definition, sports are subject to seasonal variations and peak traffic for landmark events such as season opening, finals, and major events like the World Cup and Olympic Games. That’s why you need a reliable, agile platform that can easily scale to cater to massive peaks in demand. To learn more, read our Sports Solution Brief.

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