Reporting and Analytics

Fine Tune Your Business with Reporting and Analytics

Helping you fully understand your customers, for better decision making, is music to our ears

Many factors can influence the long-term success and profitability of your subscription-based business: pricing and product line changes, updates to your sign-up page, channel management policies, customer e-mail communications, and more. That's why you need to stay agile by fine tuning your business strategy with the help of the reporting and analytic facilities built into Vindicia solutions.

Billing platform

With the Vindicia® CashBox® subscription billing solution, it's easy to hit all the right notes by:

  • Generating reports detailing the effectiveness of promotions and campaigns
  • Reviewing CashBox Dashboards for daily insight into operational trends and key metrics
  • Taking advantage of more than 24 native reports or using CashBox data in your existing reporting tools
  • Bringing subscription billing data into your Salesforce application, processes, and workflows with our CashBox for SalesForce apps
  • Complying with new revenue recognition requirements

Dashboards and reports

Whether displaying recurring revenue by country or highlighting subscriber growth rates, Vindicia CashBox Dashboards help you test various business hypotheses and provide you with the information you need to advocate changes based on trends in the marketplace.

Vindicia CashBox Reporting comes in multiple flavors, with 24 pre-built reports that identify the key metrics critical for any subscription business. In addition, we designed Vindicia CashBox to also support API-level querying of any data element or series that you can import and analyze within your data warehouse. Vindicia CashBox Reporting provides a real-time view into how your subscription business is evolving.

Collaborating to improve your business

Vindicia clients benefit from the Network Effect of our wealth of subscription transaction "big data" through regular Vindicia Client Business Reviews with our team of subscription specialists. Using cohort analysis, peer rankings, and our knowledge of best practices, we review and analyze key metrics from your organization. The actionable recommendations from our Client Business Reviews can help you grow subscribers, improve retention, and reduce chargebacks – leading to higher recurring revenue. To learn more, view our video "Benchmarking Billing KPIs Against Peers".

Churn analysis

Managing customer churn is one of the most important activities for online business success. Even small monthly increases in customer retention lead to huge gains in subscribers and revenues over time. Three key metrics signal retention success:

  • Active churn: This measures the active attrition rate of your customers
  • Passive churn: Failed payment transactions are the leading cause of passive churn
  • Average customer lifetime value (ACLV): This is the average revenue generated per customer 

Vindicia provides the reporting facilities you need in order to analyze and manage subscriber churn and maximize your ACLV.

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