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Today's software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies and other online service providers have taken the industry by storm. Innovative startups launched just a few years ago have now skyrocketed into major household brands such as LifeLock, Carbonite, and Hightail. Delivering on the true promise of the cloud, these companies are at the forefront of a major disruptive wave, and SaaS billing is fundamentally changing the way consumers purchase everyday services.

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However, in today’s subscription-based economy, trying to make legacy billing systems work in a modern SaaS recurring billing environment can be extremely frustrating, impacting your ability to win and retain customers. What you need is an agile subscription management solution with the limitless ability to create and test new SaaS service offerings, implement promotions and pricing plans, manage the complexities of recurring payments, resolve payment processing issues without annoying customers, and increase overall customer lifetime value.

Make billing a strategic advantage

Uniquely suited to the needs of service providers utilizing the subscription SaaS billing model, Vindicia® CashBox® is an enterprise-class, cloud-based subscription billing platform. Our field-proven solution improves and accelerates customer acquisition and retention for many of the world’s leading consumer-facing service brands. We make online subscriptions and recurring payments seamless, secure and simple.

Sound monetization strategies are a key factor in determining success for today’s service providers. That’s why our consultative approach will help drive your success by providing the capabilities you need to monetize your digital services through flexible SaaS billing solutions and best practices that let you:

  • Implement flexible subscription and recurring revenue business models that respond to customer demand
  • Maximize recurring revenue through pricing, packaging, bundling, campaigns and promotions
  • Reduce customer churn by implementing frictionless payment methods

What’s more, we add value beyond the core functions of our subscription platform through the network effect of our wealth of subscription transaction data combined with extensive subscriber analytics. This provides our clients with a valuable window into trends across the services industry. Through insightful business reviews, our clients benefit from benchmarking and data-driven analysis to resolve problems and uncover opportunities to increase subscription revenue.

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