Subscriber Churn Management

Subscriber Churn Management

Vindicia Select increases customer retention and extends customer lifetime value

Payment transaction failures can have a devastating effect on your subscription business, including increased churn, reduced revenue, and a negative impact on the customer experience. Vindicia® Select drastically reduces passive churn by resolving terminally failed payment transactions. Select leverages big data analytics to unravel the reason for the failure and then automatically takes corrective actions to resolve the issue.

Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact of Vindicia Select

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct The Total Economic Impact of Vindicia Select. To determine the economic benefits of Select, Forrester interviewed payments executives at five companies that use Select to recover failed transactions. The study analyzed a composite $1 billion organization, determining that over a three-year period, the company would experience the following benefits:

Vindicia Select Recovers

Vindicia Select recovers 18% of terminally failed transactions

Revenue from Recovered Payment

Revenue from recovered payment transactions totals $6,249,477

Select adds 6.2 months

Select adds 6.2 months to customer lifetime value, generating $70,412,965 additional revenue

Total Benefits of Three Years

The total benefits of Vindicia Select equals $76,662,442 over three years

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Forrester Study Online Digital Version

Forrester Study Online Digital Version

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Forrester Study Executive Summary

Forrester Study Executive Summary

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We’re collecting $400K to $500K a month that we wouldn’t otherwise collect.

- Director of Global Payments, B2C and light commercial software solutions

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Methedology and Results

Methodology and Results