Subscription Billing Software with Salesforce Integration
Vindicia CashBox for Salesforce

CashBox for Salesforce

Work smarter by accessing CashBox and Salesforce data in one location

Now you can bring billing and CRM together by accessing Vindicia® CashBox® data through Salesforce. CashBox for Salesforce Basic lets you bring subscription billing data into your Salesforce apps, processes, and workflows. CashBox for Salesforce Premium extends the power of Basic by supporting the quote-to-cash processes and subscriber payment management within the Salesforce environment

CashBox for Salesforce Basic

Free to CashBox clients, CashBox for Salesforce Basic delivers access to subscription billing data in Salesforce-based reporting, marketing, and customer support activities. That means you can easily include subscription data in everything from your Salesforce ad hoc analysis and dashboards to marketing campaigns and support ticket tracking. The result: You and your team work more efficiently and make more informed decisions with customer data in one location. CashBox for Salesforce Basic helps you:

  • Access subscriber billing and purchasing data through Salesforce
  • Use CashBox data in Salesforce-based reporting, marketing, and customer support
  • View subscription, transaction, and other customer data in one location
  • Improve processes and decision-making with better, faster access to more data in Salesforce

CashBox for Salesforce Premium

Use CashBox for Salesforce Premium to link CashBox data to customer service and sales processes in Salesforce. With it, your sales team creates subscriptions and custom quotes within Salesforce, accelerating quote-to-cash processes. Customer service agents manage subscriptions, add-on purchases, credits, and refunds in the familiar Salesforce environment, too. Data synchronizes automatically when you complete a transaction. The PCI-compliant CashBox environment handles payment data. CashBox for Salesforce Premium helps you:

  • Increase sales with better, faster quote-to-cash processes
  • Save customer service agents time with more customer information in one location
  • Improve customer service by answering questions with greater speed and accuracy
  • Empower your sales team with more custom quote capabilities and automated approval flows for discounts
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Vindicia CashBox Overview

Vindicia CashBox Overview

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