Vindicia CashBox FAQ | Subscription Billing Platform



Vindicia brings enterprise-class innovation to your subscription billing process

Vindicia® CashBox® is a subscription billing platform specifically designed to enhance your customer acquisition efforts, maximize customer retention and expand your business exponentially and globally.

  • Vindicia CashBox is a SaaS-based subscription management platform. CashBox enhances customer acquisition, increases customer retention by up to 30%, and supports 99.99% uptime with unparalleled scale. Digital businesses have entrusted Vindicia CashBox with 351 million digital accounts, 273 million payment accounts, and $38 billion in transactions.

  • Any business that sells digital goods or services and is looking to optimize its customer acquisition, retention and marketing capabilities should be using Vindicia CashBox. Our CashBox solution supports multiple business models, from subscriptions and microtransactions, to one time purchases and even hybrid models. Vindicia CashBox also maximizes revenue capture for digital businesses through the proprietary and built-in Advanced Retention Technology.

  • The Vindicia CashBox platform is flexible and powerful. It grows with your digital business and can handle a very broad range of business models from subscription to microtransaction to freemium to hybrid models. Vindicia CashBox also allows you to expand your business globally with localized communications and currencies for every global region. Additionally, the advanced customer retention technology built into the Vindicia product suite drives up customer retention by up to 30% for our clients.

  • Vindicia CashBox is business-model agnostic. It supports digital businesses across a wide range of digital markets and business models, and many of our clients have used Vindicia CashBox to easily handle business model changes to account for changing market conditions. Vindicia CashBox also helps expand businesses globally, allowing you to localize offers and handle localized currencies and taxes through the Vindicia CashBox Global Tax Engine. We also provide additional support and resources that advise you on how to maximize your customer retention and acquisition rates.

  • Yes, Vindicia CashBox provides a fully-documented API which is SOAP-based. The Vindicia CashBox API Guide is publicly available.

  • Yes, the Vindicia CashBox API provides client libraries in Java, C#, PHP, and ASP.Net. Developers who work in other programming languages can craft client libraries in their preferred language with the WSDL files made available through the Vindicia CashBox API.