Many factors influence the long-term profitability of your digital business: pricing and product line changes, updates to your sign-up page, new channel or affiliate management policies, and even your customer email communications.


The analytics tools inside of Vindicia Subscribe help you track the impact of changes you’ve made, as well as understand the long-term trends in your businesses at a revenue, subscriber, and transaction level — whether you have a single product offering, or multiple offerings across different product groups.

Dashboards and reports help you track how your digital business is doing based on key business fundamentals: revenue, subscribers/users, product adoption, and geographic penetration. With Vindicia Subscribe Dashboards, you can quickly access and view relevant data about your digital business.

Whether displaying revenue by country or highlighting subscriber growth rates, Vindicia Subscribe Dashboards can test various business hypotheses and provide executives and business owners the information necessary to advocate changes and based on trends in the marketplace.

Vindicia Subscribe Reporting comes in multiple flavors, with 25 pre-built reports that identify the key metrics critical for digital businesses. In addition, we designed Vindicia Subscribe to also support API-level querying of any data element or series that you can import and analyze within your own data warehouse. Vindicia Subscribe reports provide a real-time view into how your business is evolving.

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