CRM | Vindicia | Build Subscription Revenue


When you hear the term customer relationship management (CRM), you often think of solutions from salesforce.com or Zoho or any number of other vendors. Those products are especially relevant in a more traditional business-to-business setting.

crm-imageIn the digital world, the concept of CRM takes on a broader meaning that spans from entitlements to chargebacks.

When marketing and selling digital goods and services, your relationship with customers goes beyond sign-ups and renewals, and extends to managing their entire relationship with you, including if and when they opt-out of your service.

Vindicia CashBox has a native entitlement system that determines if customers have access to your service. Cross-selling campaigns add more complexity as a single customer can access multiple products, but the CashBox entitlement engine easily handles multi-product subscriptions, so the appropriate calculations and billing take place.

On the flip side, if a customer issues a chargeback, CashBox will instantly remove entitlement privileges while its chargeback management capabilities recover revenue that is rightfully yours. Vindicia CashBox also provides a series of customer communications capabilities around various billing events to improve your retention, minimize churn and maximize customer lives.