Vindicia Retain FAQs

Elevate customer retention. Build longer term customer lives


Large digital businesses often perform an excellent job of enhancing customer lifetime values through proven customer retention techniques. However, even the best-managed companies can’t take advantage of 80 million credit cards and 120 million customer accounts to provide deep insight into why a transaction fails.

Vindicia Retain is specifically designed for larger digital businesses that want to keep their existing billing infrastructure, but seek a no-risk approach to overcoming customer payment failures.

Vindicia Retain uses our ART Advanced Retention Technology™ system  to analyze your failed transactions, compares them with best practices across our Vindicia client network — one that has processed over $6 billion — and applies this knowledge to your failed transactions.

We then “hand back” these successful transactions to your billing engine, so you can reap the benefits of increased retention. Clients typically see a success rate of 30-40% on their previously failed transactions once integrating Vindicia Retain.

On a monthly subscription service, you can often double your customer lifetime value. This is critical because these customers want to use your service and are not ones who have actively opted out.

Vindicia Retain analyzes different data to determine whether a transaction will successfully go through: partial authorization status, processor error code results, BIN knowledge, and more. Since we understand what transactions have the highest likelihood of success, there is also minimal impact to your chargeback volumes or rate, and we’ll fight those that are submitted on your behalf.

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