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The Vindicia® SaaS-based subscription billing and recurring payment solutions work like magic to increase your recurring revenue streams. And the Vindicia Trial proves it.

involuntary churn

25% less
involuntary churn

revenue uplift

Up to 5%
revenue uplift

increase aclv


Our complimentary Trial shows you how Vindicia Select can help you build your subscription revenue. Completely noninvasive, it requires little or no time from your IT staff.

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Vindicia Select addresses the painful issue of failed payment card transactions. Get the advantage of over fifteen years of accumulated payment data and payment expertise with Vindicia Select. It uses proprietary techniques to analyze failed payment card transactions and diagnose the reason for the failure

  • Heal the failed transactions so that the failures do not recur
  • See immediate improvement in revenues
  • PCI Level 1 compliant
  • SaaS solution, deployed in days without no dependence on existing IT systems
  • Non-invasive to customers

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