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Aereo – Time Shifting – Just Not the Time Shifting Everyone Was Expecting

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Aereo lost in the Supreme Court today. There will be broad headlines, but actually the decision was narrow and had to be — and that’s important. Today’s ruling attempts to not reach to whether a delayed version of Aereo violates the Copyright Act.In that sense, Aereo may evolve to a service that lets you DVR over the air broadcasts and watch those from the cloud after they’re fully recorded. That would fill an important niche in the ecosystem for those who want to free themselves from their cable or satellite television bill. But that’s not the most important time shifting issue. The…

Introduction to Amazon Payments on the Vindicia Platform

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How would you like to pay? Now accepting Amazon Payments.Last week we posted a bit of a teaser – that team Vindicia had been working in cahoots with Amazon to help them build a better subscription payment model. Well, today, we’re rolling out a new option that makes life easier for our clients and their customers. Now, with a single login to Amazon Payments, consumers can take care of any recurring payment for subscriptions.Why does this matter? Because until now, you could only pay for subscriptions with Amazon Payments for Amazon services — like Prime or Kindle. No more. We worked with…

Amazon Payments and Vindicia

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The subscription billing space really sits at the intersection of ecommerce and online payments. It comes as no surprise, then, to see a giant like Amazon expanding their commitment in this space. What’s been really cool is how Vindicia has been playing a role in their recent moves behind the scenes.Several months ago, one of our clients approached us and asked if we would support Amazon payments. We get inquiries like this all the time- would we support the payment method or that one- but we only take on projects where we think there will be significant market adoption. After…

Heartbleed Bug Update

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If you’ve been about the Internet at all this week, you’ve heard about the “Heartbleed” bug in OpenSSL. This bug allows a remote attacker to read arbitrary memory out of a server, without any authentication or privileged access needed. It’s a very alarming exploit, one that has everyone involved in security on the Internet scrambling to see if they’re affected, and to fix any issues that have arisen from it. I can happily report that Vindicia’s CashBox service was not affected by this issue. The SOAP-based API interface was not affected; nor was the web portal; nor were any of…

New World of OTT Opportunities: Selling Premium Content with Subscription Billing Services

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“How do you rise above to achieve your goals?” was a question that resonated with our audience and speakers alike at a recent series of networking events hosted by Ooyala and Vindicia. The answers that came up were simple, but can be easily overlooked. Focus on creating and sustaining direct-to-consumer relationships. Relationships are critical to sustaining, growing and monetizing business. In the past relationships were largely based on hyper-local, face-to-face interactions, but now they include various types of interactions from multiple global channels. Adrian Drury, Ovum Principal, was straight to the point in saying, “Bring your linear business and your…