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Building an OTT Platform: No Single Solution Fits Everyone

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The OTT revolution is taking off at lightening speed. Content owners like the NBA and NFL, networks like BBC and HBO, and full-on content aggregators like DIRECTV are all trying to decide how they’ll leverage the content that they license or create. Distributing direct to the consumer via video over the top presents an opportunity for these content owners to…

10 Internet of Things Stats You May Not Have Known

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Nearly everyone these days has likely heard of the Web in some capacity. But the Internet of Things is a widely used buzzword that not many people know about. The IoT is how businesses connect with consumers and clients today. It's how consumers interact with streaming video, OTT content and other electronics, software or sensors embedded in various devices.  The…

Major Media Outlet Uses Digital Subscription as Source of Revenue

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According to a statement on its website, The New York Times saw digital advertising and subscription growth in all four quarters in 2014, as compared year over year.  "2014 was an encouraging year with sufficient progress in digital advertising and subscription revenues to deliver modest overall revenue growth for the Company," said Mark Thompson, president and chief executive officer. "We…

Internet of Things Is Driving Improvements in Overall Business Results

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Business leaders across various industries feel that the Internet of Things is a primary driver behind improved operations, recent research shows.  More specifically, Gartner found more than 40 percent of organizations in a recent survey said they expected IoT to have a significant and lasting impact on their business over the next three years. When asked about the long term,…

IoT and Human Relationships: Can One Improve the Other?

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The Internet of Things connects man-made products to one another through small sensor chips. The rapid growth of IoT technology has dramatically changed how human beings connect with one another, especially through the use of portable and digital devices. The IoT has created a truly interconnected population, and continued development could lead to further innovation in the near future. IoT…

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