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OTT’s Early Impact: 6 Rules for Monetizing Next-Gen Pay-TV Business Models

Date: Apr 22, 2015

By Daniel Frankel FierceCable Executives in both the music and newspaper industries have compared their digital transformations to trying to push their businesses through a garden hose—they have struggled mightily to sustain their businesses as they learned to monetize IP-based distribution of content. And there is a belief, finally reinforced by real-world business models like Pandora and Spotify, that there is, in fact, a spigot on the other side. Revenue growth will once again be realized in these media sectors disrupted and transformed beyond all recognition by the Internet. We may never see margins get anywhere near where they used…

Top 3 Predictions on Video Subscription Services in 2015

Date: Feb 12, 2015

By Gene Hoffman, Chairman and CEO, Vindicia. Wired Innovation Insights. Without a doubt, 2015 will play host to a sea change in the uptake of subscription video services. Netflix has thoroughly proven the concept that OTT video on demand is the preferred method to consume movies and TV shows. Binge-watching is now a mature phenomenon, and with releases like The Interview demonstrating the market potential of direct-to-stream film releases, content providers are now obsessed with determining the most lucrative path forward. That said, here are the top three trends I foresee dominating the subscription video landscape in 2015.

TVBEurope looks at the Future of OTT

Date: Dec 17, 2014

Gene Hoffman, chairman and CEO of Vindicia, talks to TVBEurope about the predicted growth of VoD services, the power of Netflix, and the future of premium OTT in Europe. What is the future of premium OTT? Subscription OTT video on demand (VoD) services are increasing in advanced Western European markets. This is largely due to key market enablers that are in place across the region, including high levels of broadband penetration, access to connected devices, a willingness and ability to pay for content online, and supportive regulatory environments. Furthermore, technology costs have fallen significantly, enabling a wide range of providers…

New Study Reveals Premium OTT Market to Experience Rapid Growth by 2017

Date: Nov 28, 2014

November 25, 2014 – Vindicia, a leader in enterprise-class subscription billing, and Ooyala, the leading innovator in video streaming, personalization and analytics, have today announced the results of a qualitative pan-European study that looks at the current premium service OTT market and its projected growth in the UK, Dutch and German regions by 2017. The study revealed that, while industry leaders are aware of the challenges when targeting the mass market with film and TV content, premium OTT technology continues to advance in Western markets. It also indicates that in addition to the subscription business model, there will be significant…

Announcing Vindicia CashBox Fall 2014 Release

Date: Sep 10, 2014

100 New Ways to Keep Customers Connected to Their Subscriptions;First Engine to Support Amazon Recurring Payments. REDWOOD SHORES, CA – September 10, 2014 – Vindicia, Inc., the leading billing platform connecting customers to subscriptions they love and companies to the recurring revenues they need, today unveils their new Vindicia CashBox Fall 2014 release. In an era, where consumers increasingly rely on subscriptions for everything from entertainment to curated wine selections, Vindicia’s CashBox engine has added a hundred new ways to help companies connect with new subscribers and make existing customers happy — expanding revenue opportunities, increasing loyalty, and reducing churn…