Vindicia CashBox Subscription Billing and Recurring Payment Solution

The subscription economy demands that your business quickly respond to changes in the marketplace.

Automated Subscription & Recurring Billing Process Cycle - Vindicia CashBox

A successful digital business starts with your ability to acquire customers. Acquiring and converting them into paying users is often challenging. Vindicia CashBox is a comprehensive subscription billing and recurring payment solution that gives you the capability and flexibility to change business models or create hybrid models as needed. With built-in campaign and offer management capabilities, the Vindicia CashBox subscription billing and recurring payment platform lets you quickly change pricing, introduce new bundle plans, add a free trial, and reach new audiences through coupons or promotion codes.

While customer acquisition is the starting point for success, customer retention is the true indicator of predictable, recurring revenue and lasting profitability. Vindicia CashBox combines our patent pending Advanced Retention Technology (ART™) with Account Updater to minimize customer churn and increase revenue.

Vindicia CashBox helps you keep your customers longer.

With Vindicia CashBox, you can quickly lower customer churn by enabling customers to change their subscription billing preferences via upgrades, side grades, and down grades, or by letting customers choose the plan they want or need instead of cancelling. Understanding your customer when they do choose to cancel is a vital part of the exit path, as is an understanding of when to remarket to them if and when they do leave. With the correct customer information and the appropriate retention and promotional offers, your business has the best opportunity to create longer-term customer lives.

Superior customer acquisition and retention leads to increased revenue but can also lead to increased systems complexities. Our comprehensive subscription billing and recurring payment solution removes these issues with proven reliability and scale, all while maintaining the highest PCI Level 1 and SSAE-16 services provider standards.

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