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Client Services

ab_client_servicesOur Client Services organization focuses on three key areas to support digital businesses that choose the CashBox platform:

Deployments, support and merchant advocacy. By working closely with you through these areas, our client services organization provides best practices and tips to optimize your digital business.


Our Client Services team works closely with your business and technical teams to ensure a successful CashBox implementation. In the course of our guided deployments, we tailor a project plan based on insights gained across many deployments with industry-leading digital businesses. We leverage a broad collection of best practices learned while processing over $4 billion in transactions, handling over 80 million credit cards and managing 120 million customer accounts. These best practices span topics from business model support to adding new currencies and payment methods for your product or service. We don’t develop cookie cutter solutions, but we do know how to leverage our existing successes to help your business grow and thrive.


Once live on CashBox, our Support team works with you to respond to and resolve technical questions and issues. This interactive support also includes 24×7 handling of high severity incidents, and our Support organization is tightly integrated with Engineering and Operations to ensure rapid issue resolution.

Merchant Advocacy

Our Merchant Advocacy Team helps clients aggressively defend revenue through sophisticated chargeback management. This process involves both human review and process automation to maximize revenue recovery rates. In addition, we help our clients understand and adapt to the changing regulatory environment, especially as it relates to ever-changing card association and payment processor rules and regulations, as well as the shifting landscape of issuing bank behaviors and fraud trends.

To further ensure our clients’ success, our Client Services organization conducts regular Business Reviews with our clients. We focus not just on recapping your business results from CashBox, but also on sharing how your results compare to a carefully screened peer group. Our emphasis is on continuous improvement to ensure that you reach and exceed your business goals.