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Data Sheets

Data Sheets provide an overview of the various Vindicia SaaS solutions as well as specific product functionality that digital businesses often ask about. Feature Sheets highlight important functionality within Vindicia CashBox and Vindicia Select that require a more detailed overview. Our Industry Overviews provide additional information on the value that Vindicia products can provide based on your specific industry challenges.

Vindicia CashBox

The success of any digital business depends on how well they acquire and retain paying users. Vindicia CashBox was created from the premise that strategic billing is critical not just as an operational necessity for online commerce, but as a marketing asset that strengthens the fundamentals of profitability: customer acquisition and retention. Learn more about the benefits and features that make Vindicia CashBox the product you need to ensure the success of your digital business.

CashBox for Salesforce

Vindicia CashBox Reporting for Salesforce gives Vindicia clients the ability to view their data through Salesforce. By combining data processed through both Vindicia CashBox and Salesforce, business leaders use the analytics capabilities within Salesforce to make critical decisions that impact their customers. The CashBox for Salesforce App builds on the reporting application to encompass greater capabilities. With CashBox for Salesforce you will have the full ability to quote a customer, create a billing plan, use a promotion code, and automate the billing process within the Salesforce application.

Vindicia Select

Even the best digital businesses lose 5-10% of online revenue due to passive churn for reasons that are beyond their control. Vindicia Select focuses solely on successfully capturing the most challenging customer transactions, further maximizing revenue and extending customer lifetime values. The technology and best practices employed by Vindicia Select increase our clients’ top-line revenue without the need to change their current billing infrastructure.

Hosted Order Automation

The Payment Card Industry council has implemented a set of data security standards (PCI DSS) that adds significant cost and complexity for the entire digital commerce landscape. Vindicia CashBox and its Hosted Order Automation (HOA) capabilities takes the power of CashBox one step further for companies looking to avoid the PCI DSS compliance burden altogether. With HOA, you entirely eliminate the need to store sensitive payment data or collect it on corporate servers.

Fraud Screening

“False positives” – where businesses incorrectly refuse a valid transaction – are critical to your online economics. When the cost of goods sold is almost zero and margins are high, false positives cost digital businesses much more than an individual fraudulent transaction. Vindicia CashBox provides fraud screening capabilities that are designed to limit false positives first while tracking your optimal chargeback rate to keep your customer acquisition pipeline wide open.