Webinars for Subscription Billing & eCommerce Business Models

Webinar Panel: Video Monetization and Audience Building

Featured Speaker: Kris Nagel, Vindicia l  David Mowrey, Clearleap  l  Barry Hartman, Ooyala l  Iddo Shai, Kaltura

With an explosion in the amount of content being consumed Over-The-Top, video content providers are scrambling to accelerate the capture of additional, ongoing viewership and monetize this new distribution channel. A one-size-fits-all strategy for this type of disruptive scenario can yield disastrous results. Identifying and tailoring specific subscription and other automatically recurring revenue-based monetization models appropriate for a content owner or provider’s audience based upon viewing habits is a key to rapid growth. Watch our expert panel discuss:

  • Video Consumption Trends
  • Maximizing ACLV/ARPU
  • Revenue & Monetization Models
  • Innovative Pricing Strategies
  • “Frictionless” Customer Experience
  • Revenue Uplift & Churn Mgmt

Adapt or Die: What’s Your Strategy to Capitalize on the Content Revolution?

Featured Speaker: Kris Nagel

As the future of television, subscription-based video on demand (sVOD), and digital music continues to evolve and mature, visionary companies like DirecTV are discovering that monetization strategies are the key factor in determining who succeeds and who fails. Partnering with subscription veteran Vindicia, successful OTT players are monetizing their content by implementing flexible subscription solutions that allow them to:

  • Launch agile, subscription-based businesses that respond to customer demand.
  • Maximize recurring revenue through pricing, packaging, bundling, campaigns and promotions.
  • Retain customers longer by implementing frictionless payment strategies that reduce subscriber churn.
  • Leverage subscriber analytics to better understand their customers and key trends, resulting in faster and improved decision-making.

Winning and Retaining Over-the-Top Customers Strategies to Effectively Monetize Online Revenue Models (PPV, SVOD, Recurring)

Featured Speaker: Colin Dixon, Chief Analyst, nScreen Media

The emergence of OTT is out pacing cable and is expected to reach 1.2 billion people by 2017, media giants are moving to adopt the benefits of OTT. For companies looking to launch a subscription-based strategy or better monetize their existing digital assets, it begs; “what is needed” to compete, or emulate best practices.  Join Colin Dixon, Founder and Chief Analyst at nScreenMedia, and Vindicia’s SVP Kris Nagel monetization industry expert, as they delve into the essentials for a successful digital goods, or subscription-based business. Drawing on specific details from Vimeo, Next Issue Media and others, they will show how to drive greater subscriber loyalty and significant revenue uplift. Some of the topics covered will include:

  • The emergence of OTTtv and its market transformation from providers to its consumers
  • How to reduce subscriber acquisition costs
  • The concept of frictionlessness customer experience, and why it matters
  • Why high subscriber churn might not be as bad a thing as you think
  • Why billing flexibility is key to retaining customers

Attracting a New Market with Subscription Management and Billing Solutions

Featured Speaker: Pat Nieman, SVP of Technology at TransUnion Interactive

TransUnion Interactive relies on hybris and Vindicia to help reach new & savvy consumers. Join Pat Nieman, SVP of Technology at TransUnion Interactive as he discusses how TransUnion, global leader in credit and information management, was able to integrate subscription management and billing solution to power Zendough.com, a consumer credit check service designed to help TransUnion differentiate and attract a critical new market segment.

In this webinar, Pat will share his thoughts on:

  • Designing a unique user experience to win new market segment
  • Selecting the right partners to implement it
  • Offer “lessons learned” while following through on TransUnion’s digital strategy

The Value of Subscription Billing in Monetizing OTT Video Content

Featured Speaker: Rebecca Wettemann, VP Research, Nucleus Research

To maximize revenues from video content distribution, companies need a platform that is both flexible enough to evolve to meet evolving customer demands and business models and granular enough to manage payment models, methods, and customer demographics to maximize profitability.  This Webinar will arm decision makers with the framework and best practices to build a business case both to justify and maximize returns from their investment.  
In this webinar:

  • Explore the various business models
  • Define three steps for building the business case for enterprise-class billing systems
  • Discuss real-world examples and Nucleus’s independent analysis of Vindicia.