• Raise total subscriber performance.
    Raise total subscriber performance.
    Capture more recurring revenue via subscription intelligence.
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  • Control retention to raise revenue.
    Control retention to raise revenue.
    Raise the subscriber volume by slashing your passive churn.
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  • How to conduct B2C subscriptions.
    How to conduct B2C subscriptions.
    Track the key metrics critical to subscription success.
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A Complete Subscription Billing Platform from the Subscription People

We’re the Subscription People and we mean business. We offer a comprehensive subscription billing and management platform, data-driven insights, industry best practices, unique customer retention technology, and strategic business consulting. The result: we drive subscription business success.

Vindicia Subscription Billing Platform

The Vindicia subscription management platform is much more than a billing system. Our SaaS-based subscription billing software solutions support the entire subscription lifecycle, from customer acquisition and recurring billing, to customer retention and business growth. We make it easy to entice more customers to join, renew, and upgrade your subscription, membership, or other recurring offerings. We help you improve your consumers' online experience, while maximizing your business agility and ongoing revenue streams.

Subscription Billing Solutions

Choose the Vindicia subscription management solution that’s right for your business.

Vindicia CashBox

Speed time to market and increase subscription revenue with the Vindicia® CashBox® subscription billing and recurring payment solution.

Vindicia Select

Reduce passive churn, increase customer retention, and boost revenues by resolving more failed payment transactions with Vindicia Select.

Vindicia Trial

It’s free. Try out our advanced retention technology and experience an immediate revenue increase from your subscription and recurring services.

Leading Subscription Brands Rely on Vindicia

Across the globe, visionary brands like Turner, Sprint, BBC, Gannett, Hearst, LifeLock, NBA League Pass, Zillow and Vimeo rely on Vindicia SaaS-based subscription management software to monetize their content, goods and services to achieve long-term, predictable, subscription and recurring revenue streams. Our subscription billing system helps our clients acquire more subscribers and retain them longer.

Vindicia Resources

Our subscription software solutions combine rich functionality, big data analysis, innovative customer retention technology and strategic consulting. Our clients benefit from more recurring revenue, more customer data, better insights, and greater value throughout the entire subscription lifecycle. Check out our comprehensive subscription billing resources to learn more about our subscription billing service, research and industry insights.



Try Vindicia for Free and Boost Your Subscription Revenue

Leveraging big data analytics, sophisticated algorithms and subscription intelligence, our subscription management solutions apply advanced techniques to automatically resolve more failed payment transactions. Provide us with 3 to 5 days of your transaction data and we’ll show you – at no cost – just how much ongoing revenue you could be recovering for your recurring revenue business.

Improve the way you handle customer payment transactions with Vindicia.