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Subscription Billing Blog

Success in SVOD starts with subscription billing

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The market for streaming video on demand is growing fast. A new report from Research and Markets predicted 306 million homes will use SVOD by 2020, up from an anticipated 161 million by the end of 2015. Moreover, by 2020, global SVOD revenue will reach $26,794 million, which is more than twice the total revenue expected in 2015. Many companies…

Fix It Like You Own It

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When you run a SaaS solution, it’s a true long-term partnership. In packaged software and in custom offerings, the team writing the code never really “owned” the business. When issues arise, the path to fix may be impacted by questions like “how many hours do we have to eat to do this?” and “are we going to be able to…

YouTube enters SVOD market with Red

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Subscription models are booming business, and the need for subscription billing solutions has never been greater. In particular, OTT video platforms continue to increase in popularity. YouTube has just entered the OTT fray by introducing its own subscription video on demand product called Red."YouTube Red already has 10 shows in the works." How will Red work? Red won't replace the…

NBA Season Tip-Off – 21.9M Fans – That’s Scale

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I remember my first NBA game. No, I’m not talking about the Bulls-Pistons game I attended while living in Chicago (though it was amazing to see Jordan play live). No, my newer “first” NBA game was a few seasons ago, when NBA launched their online offering on CashBox. In 2011, the Vindicia team worked through the summer to prepare for…

Businesses utilizing subscription billing need a strong website

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When you run a business that uses a subscription billing model, you need a website that is easy to use, expertly designed and memorable. Customers that have a poor experience online will simply go elsewhere. Your website is a reflection of the rest of your business subscription offerings. A strong website experience for customers will help drive sales and keep customer…

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