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Subscription Billing Blog

PGA offers OTT service to golf fans

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Golf fans are rejoicing because of PGA TOUR LIVE, the Professional Golfers' Association of America Tour's subscription streaming service. The PGA announced the service in April of this year and launched it in time for the Quicken Loans National in July. PGA TOUR LIVE allows fans to view golfers from the beginning of the tournament to the end live for the first time ever. The service is…

Verizon to offer mobile OTT service for free

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Users will soon be able to watch TV shows, music videos and other short-form content on their mobile devices for absolutely free. According to a Variety report, the wireless telecommunications provider will launch its OTT video service, Go90, later in the summer and make money from advertising.The report said the service didn't want to copy TV. "Instead, we wanted to create a mobile-first,…

Lebara offers new OTT service for European migrants

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Lebara doesn't just provide low-cost international calls anymore. According to Digital TV Europe, the telecommunications company has expanded into the over-the-top content market by offering a streaming service to viewers in Europe. Although anyone can watch the programming, it is specifically targeted toward migrants. The new multi-ethnic content service, Lebara Play, will be available to viewers in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and France…

OTT content growing rapidly in emerging markets

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Over-the-top content is growing fast thanks in part to the rapid development of the Internet and digital technology. In the U.S., OTT is not a new capability. However, in emerging markets around the world, OTT is a possible reality.According to a recent Pyramid Research report, cumulative OTT revenue from subscription video on-demand and television video on-demand will reach nearly $19…

How do consumers prefer to watch SVOD?

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The subscription video on demand market has taken off in just the last few years, but there is already major competition for dominance. Netflix and Hulu may have been some of the first to arrive on the scene, but in no way does that mean they're the only ones capturing a fair share of the market.However, complicating the conversation about…

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