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Subscription Billing Blog

Increasing conversions for your subscription business

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Using subscription billing to monetize a service is a great way to increase customer lifetime value and gain predictable revenue, but there are other considerations to make when bringing in new customers. How easy is it for new users to sign up for your subscription service? When brands make it too difficult for customers to sign up for a platform,…

New app offers flights with subscription billing model

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A growing number of businesses are discovering the benefits of monetizing their services using subscription billing. However, the vast majority of these brands offer software as a service, apps or curated retail boxes. Now, other types of businesses are experimenting with subscription billing as well, even airlines.Flying subscription style OneGo, a new startup, will allow users to fly across the…

Rihanna launches new album exclusively with Tidal service

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On January 28, Rihanna released her new album Anti exclusively with streaming service Tidal - a week before other streaming businesses got it. The music platform, owned by Jay Z, enlisted a million new subscribers as part of a 60-day free trial that came with the album. Rihanna offered the album for free through a partnership with Tidal and Samsung, who…

Ease of use is important in OTT viewing

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As OTT video viewing continues to climb in popularity, customers have revealed they still enjoy the convenience of watching streaming content on a bigger screen. The easier it is to stream content on a television set, the happier customers are. According to a recent report from TDG, smart TVs are the most preferred streaming device, with 32 percent of OTT viewers…

Winter Storm Jonas causes spike in OTT video streaming

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It's been clear for some time that over-the-top video content is taking over the media world. The recent Jonas storm made this all the more evident, as snowed-in consumers all over the East Coast settled in with their various streaming video subscription services and waited out the snow.Streaming peaks during Jonas reported streaming video in Washington, D.C., the epicenter of…

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