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Subscription Billing Blog

Sling TV goes out for the third time

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Sling TV customers were upset Monday night when the OTT service experienced its third major outage, according to FierceCable. The streaming platform was out for several hours and affected users across a variety of platforms including game consoles, computers and mobile devices. When viewers tried to call customer support, they had to wait up to 45 minutes to get someone on…

Vindicia’s Worldwide Expansion

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I’m very happy to report that Vindicia has opened new offices in Asia and Latin America. The expansion reflects the growing popularity of Vindicia® CashBox® among global service providers, along with Vindicia’s commitment to providing on-the-ground support for our growing clientele. Regional offices also enhance our ability to understand local markets to acquire new customers.To support our APAC client base,…

AioTV offers free web video product

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AioTV, a Denver-based maker of video software, will soon offer an app that will allow viewers to watch free Web video content from several different sources including Vimeo, NBC, ABC, Maker Studios and CBS. The new app, called Cuyte, can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, Android-powered set-tops, connected TVs and streaming players, like Amazon Fire TV box and Fire TV Stick."Cuyte…

Elemental improves content delivery for Indonesia’s first OTT service

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Indonesia's first over-the-top service, Genflix, will soon receive a major upgrade. Elemental Technologies, a supplier of software-defined video solutions for multiscreen content delivery, announced Orange TV Group will improve the country's first OTT service with Elemental video processing. "Elemental Technologies will improve Indonesia's Genflix with Elemental video processing. The Elemental video processing software will allow Genflix subscribers to watch video content without any interruptions.…

Frontier in the middle of over-the-air video trial with TiVo

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Frontier Communications recognizes that not all of its viewers are interested in traditional linear television services and is currently testing over-the-air video with TiVo. The telecommunications company is focusing on targeting the millennial demographic with this new service."We're in a trial right now with TiVo as our partner to bring a combination over-the-air and over-the-top content provisioning to a single user…

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