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Subscription Billing Blog

TableRock Media offers niche-focused OTT service

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Although OTT video is already a pretty crowded market, TableRock Media thinks it can compete. According to StreamDaily, the new direct-to-consumer entertainment company will offer a OTT streaming service  focused specifically on hyper-niche markets. TableRock, founded in 2014 by Jeffery Elliot, co-founder of GlassBOX television, and several other entrepreneurs, will have content covering everything from aviation to guitars. In an interview with StreamDaily's sister…

Apple OTT service not coming until 2016

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Fans of Apple products will not be able to get a OTT service from Apple for a little while longer. Apple's OTT video streaming service  is delayed until 2016. According to Bloomberg Business, the licensing talks with companies like CBS and Fox are not moving as quickly as Apple would like. Without the content from big networks, Apple would not be able…

4 ways to improve subscription numbers

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Over-the-top streaming services are booming right now, with new customers subscribing to streaming services. If companies want to get some of the business, they need to make sure they're providing people with what they want. According to a report by Juniper Research, globally there will be over 333.2 million people with a subscription to an OTT service by 2019. That's a dramatic…

CenturyLink to offer an OTT service

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According to Multichannel News, CenturyLink, a provider of Internet, TV and voice services, is adding OTT service to its offerings. Although details are currently scarce, CEO and company president Glen Post, did say that CenturyLink will provide a "robust competitive video offering" to customers, including customers who already subscribe to the company's Prism TV option. Multichannel News postulates that CenturyLink has…

99.99999% Global System Uptime

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At Vindicia, we’re proud of our track record of exceptional global system uptime. Now, you can see how we’re doing in real time. The new Vindicia Trust page provides a window into our system performance. For SaaS providers like Vindicia, there is no metric more important than uptime. The gold standard is considered 99.999% planned uptime. Every SaaS provider works hard to achieve those coveted five nines. For context, “five nines” indicates less than 5.26 minutes of unplanned downtime each year.You’re…

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