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About Vindicia

We bring enterprise-class innovation to consumer-facing subscription billing

Founded in 2003, Vindicia offers the innovative, cloud-based subscription billing and recurring revenue solutions that keep your customers connected to the products and services they love, and your business connected to the recurring revenues you need.

Our trusted SaaS solutions increases recurring revenue, reduces customer churn, and optimizes online marketing. We have processed over $21 billion globally for our clients, providing them with more than $90 million in annual incremental revenue. Our valued clients include marquis brands such as the BBC, Lionsgate, Comic-Con International, TransUnion Interactive, Allrecipes, IAC, Vimeo, and Next Issue Media’s Texture service.

We offer two enterprise-class, strategic billing solutions. Vindicia® CashBox® is a complete subscriber acquisition, billing and retention solution. Vindicia Select™ is a customer retention solution that works with any existing billing system. Our solutions were created from the premise that strategic monetization and billing are critical not just as operational necessities for successful online businesses, but also as a marketing resource that strengthens customer acquisition and retention.

Click on the video below to view the story behind how leading brands leverage the Vindicia subscription billing and recurring payment solution to build online revenue, how our platform works, and how we help companies like yours acquire, retain and expand your online business.

Want to know more? Explore Vindicia CashBox and Vindicia Select.