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Vindicia Announces Strategic Partnership with Naviga to Improve Reader Retention for Publishers Reduces Customer Churn and Captures Lost Revenue with Vindicia Retain

New Study Reveals the Average Online Video Subscriber in the U.S. Subscribes to 3.4 Streaming Services and Pays an Average of $8.53 Per Service

New Total Economic Impact Study Shows that Vindicia Select Consistently Recovers Failed Payment Transactions and Extends Customer Relationships

Eros Now Partners with Vindicia to Further Enhance the Entertainment Experience

Paysafe Partners with Vindicia to Enhance Recurring Billing Revenues for Merchants

Amdocs’ Vindicia Integrates with Google Pay, Allowing Online Merchants to Provide Consumers with a Seamless and Secure Payment Option

Turner Internacional Argentina Selects Amdocs’ Vindicia to Power Subscription Revenues for the Internet

New Study Commissioned by Vindicia Sees Massive Global Growth of Premium OTT Subscription Revenue

Vindicia and Softrax Expand Partnership to Help Ease Accounting Burden

Vindicia Integrates with Apple Pay, Offering a Safer Way to Make Subscription and Recurring Purchases

What’s impeding the growth of digital paid-for content?