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Across the globe, leading brands rely on Vindicia SaaS-based subscription management, billing and retention solutions.

Our Clients Create Amazing Customer Experiences

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Online services – business/financial

  • We use Vindicia to handle every aspect of membership billing. Vindicia Subscribe makes managing recurring payments one of the most automated and worry-free aspects of our business.

    Brendan Sheehan
    Chief Financial Officer, CBUSA

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  • We’re collecting $400K to $500K a month that we wouldn’t otherwise collect. The way our process works, we have tried all our tricks by the time transactions are sent to Vindicia... They’ve gone through our recycle process, and we weren’t successful.

    Director of Global Payments, B2C and light commercial software solutions
    Forrester TEI Study

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  • In most cases, we’re keeping customers recovered by Vindicia ... for an additional year. We’re confident that without [Vindicia Retain] we wouldn’t recover those payments.

    Manager of Global Payments, B2C and light commercial software solutions
    Forrester TEI Study

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  • We rely on Vindicia Retain as a revenue generator because it increases our billing success rate.

    Director of Global Payments, B2C and light commercial software solutions
    Forrester TEI Study

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Online services – security/storage/sharing

  • Every subscription business needs the power of Vindicia Retain to reduce churn, increase revenue and eliminate the negative effects that intrusive customer recapture efforts have on the overall consumer experience. Vindicia Retain is a technology that has truly transformed our business.

    Daniel Short

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  • Vindicia Subscribe has made a huge difference for us and for our customers. We're committed to taking the hassle out of purchasing protection plans, and Vindicia Subscribe handles payments in a way that’s incredibly easy for our customers.

    Nikki Schmitt
    Customer Experience Manager, Protect Your Bubble

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Online services – leisure/personal

  • Vindicia Retain resolves many of the causes of failed transactions, so we keep customers longer. This increases ACLV, allowing for higher investments in acquisition.

    Aryeh Brickner
    VP of Marketing, Consumer Apps. Perion Network

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Entertainment and OTT

  • This alliance with Vindicia will enhance the consumer experience and offer seamless transaction capabilities…driving consumer retention, global connecting and increasing subscriber growth.

    Lulla Singh
    CEO, Eros Digital

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  • Vindicia will allow Media Prima users to have an easy and seamless experience when purchasing or signing up for content, which will help us build loyalty and affinity for our various service offerings.

    Paul Moss
    GM Platforms and Technology, Media Prima Digital

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Sports and eSports

  • Vindicia Subscribe has enabled us to smoothly transition into a subscription billing model, yet still handle one-time payments for specific offerings. This flexibility enables us to focus our energies on crafting a compelling experience for our tournament players and fans, alike.

    Steven Flenory
    Studio Director, Major League Gaming

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Media and publishing


  • It’s critical to get all the nuances right, and that’s why we chose to work with Vindicia. We look to Vindicia to make sure our billing processes help us retain customers.

    Steven Sesar
    Co-founder and COO, FreedomPop

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Physical goods