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The global prospects for premium OTT | MTM

Industry perspectives on the evolution of the global market

Vindicia commissioned research consultancy MTM to explore the development of premium OTT services across four global regions: Western Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia Pacific. The results are now available in an in-depth research report entitled The Prospects for Premium OTT: Industry Perspectives on the Evolution of the Global Market.

This actionable report delves into important questions such as: What types of offers will encourage consumers to pay for premium OTT? How has the global rollout of Netflix impacted local and regional markets? What is the likely impact of direct-to-consumer OTT offerings from the likes of Disney? How are local broadcasters, pay-TV providers and telcos responding?

The report concludes that premium OTT remains poised for rapid growth around the world, dominated by organizations that embrace innovative approaches to digital video. Findings include:

  • Premium OTT services will grow at an average CAGR of 9.7% by 2020 in the ten countries surveyed
  • Local, niche and direct-to-consumer providers will succeed in securing market share against Netflix, Amazon and Hulu
  • Connectivity and frictionless payment solutions are key to subscriber acquisition and retention

Download this complimentary research report today to gain actionable information that will help your company succeed in the premium OTT space.