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Webinars for Subscription Billing & eCommerce Business Models

Parks Associates’ Research Webinar: The OTT Playbook – Keys to Building Momentum

Featured Speaker: Lead Author Brett Sappington, Parks Associates | Bryta Schulz, Vindicia | Paula Minardi, Ooyala

Over-the-top (OTT) content delivery has opened a new frontier for video distribution and the floodgates for new competition. Although competition is fierce, the OTT marketplace remains ripe with opportunity for innovative entrants. So how do you survive in a crowded marketplace and build the momentum necessary to find success in the online video world? In the OTT Playbook webinar – co-sponsored by Vindicia and Ooyala – leading research firm Parks Associates explains how to stand out from the crowd, identify and target your niche, promote your service, and monetize effectively.

CMO Council: Mapping Monetization – Strategies for Content, Context, and Frictionless Commerce

Featured Speaker: Gene Hoffman, Chairman and CEO, Vindicia | Liz Miller, SVP, Marketing, CMO Council | Vidya Vishal, AVP Strategic Marketing, Equifax

Whether currently engaging in online commerce or contemplating such a move in the future, successful CMOs are realizing that their customers want a personalized, frictionless purchasing experience. Consumers seek agile interactions, painless fulfillment, and a memorable experience. CMOs are increasingly embracing a new priority: Identifying new and recurring revenue opportunities and optimizing the consumer experience to maximize customer lifetime value. To address these new mandates for digital marketing, monetization, and frictionless commerce and experience, view the CMO Council’s on demand webcast, where we discuss and debate the realities of transforming organizations, strategies and revenue models and develop winning strategies to successfully navigate the online revenue maze.

Association of Magazine Media Webinar: 7 Monetization Habits of Successful Magazine Media Companies

Featured Speaker: Steve Booth, industry monetization expert and VP, Vindicia

Magazine media companies are looking to monetize digital edition subscriptions and premium web content for maximum bottom-line impact. In today’s digital economy, subscriptions have emerged as the most effective way for online consumers to obtain high-value digital content – think Netflix and Spotify. To be competitive, magazine media companies and content providers require modern subscription capabilities that provide a frictionless buying and billing experience. View this event to learn about the digital content monetization landscape. Enterprise-class innovations happening within consumer-facing subscription billing services are highlighted.

Vindicia and FierceMarkets Webinar: Making Money from OTT

Featured Speaker: Kris Nagel, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Field Operations | Joel Espelien - Senior Analyst, The Diffusion Group

The business models of over-the-top services like Sling TV differ radically from traditional pay-TV distribution. With these nascent businesses delivering far less in the way of subscriber fees, we’ll explore new ways for operators to make their models work. We’ll examine new revenue streams, such as addressable adverting, as well as new programming price structures. This webinar will provide brief overview of the economics that make OTT work.

Vindicia and Streaming Media Roundtable Webinar: Streaming Sports

Featured Speaker: Kris Nagel, Industry Monetization Expert, Vindicia

Online sports, especially live events, is growing in popularity, but the challenges to delivering a seamless experience are significant. Join our expert panel as we look at all facets of streaming a major sporting event as we dive deep into key areas of concern:

  • Multiscreen Delivery
  • Monetization including Advertising, Pay-per View Processing, Authentication, Subscription & DRM
  • Workflow Automation
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Scaling Architecture
  • Integrating Legacy Systems
  • Capture Technologies & Delivery Strategies
  • Editing on the fly
  • APIs and GUIs