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Enjoy online entertainment business growth by reducing subscriber churn

The online entertainment industry has seen tremendous growth in users and recurring revenue over the past few years, particularly in the over-the-top (OTT) video segment. The remarkable success of online video subscription services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have helped push the worldwide entertainment/OTT market to new heights. As a result, businesses are increasingly positioning themselves to capitalize on the growing population of “cord cutters” and “cord nevers” who want their favorite movies, videos and TV shows anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

As the online entertainment and OTT industry continues to evolve and mature, sound subscription monetization strategies are a key factor in determining which companies are successful and which ones fail. To become a successful player, your company will need to monetize your digital assets by implementing flexible subscription management solutions and best practices that make it easy to:

  • Create agile, subscription-based and video-on-demand business models that respond to customer demand
  • Maximize recurring revenue through pricing, packaging, bundling, campaigns and promotions
  • Retain your customers longer by deploying frictionless subscription payment strategies that reduce subscriber churn
  • Leverage subscriber analytics to gain knowledge about customers and understand key trends, thereby enabling faster and improved decision-making

Improve your subscribers’ experience

Vindicia SaaS-based monetization solutions for OTT and entertainment will maximize your recurring revenue streams while improving your customers’ experience. Our proven recurring revenue solutions will help you entice customers to join, renew and upgrade their entertainment services. You’ll be able to rapidly test and analyze the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns until you find just the right price points and the right customer mix to maximize margins and profits.

Whether your company needs a complete subscription management and recurring payment solution or simply want to increase the effectiveness of your existing billing system by improving customer retention and reducing subscriber churn, we’ll make it easy and frictionless for your customers to pay for your subscription video services. From initial acquisition to each recurring billing cycle, Vindicia solutions reduce churn by making payment transactions easier and more automatic than ever.

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