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Communications service providers (CSPs) today utilize a number of different billing models for over-the-top (OTT) video monetization. The most popular include subscription video on demand (SVOD), ad-driven, and pay-per-view (PPV) models. Among these, there are a number of important market factors that tend to tilt the decision-making process towards the increased use of recurring subscription billing as a way to maximize OTT video revenue and customer retention. These factors include:

  • The exploding proliferation of video content creation
  • The emergence of new viewing patterns
  • The growing number of form factors associated with video consumption
  • The increasing variation of user interactions with existing video

Vindicia OTT monetization solutions let you test and operate multiple subscription revenue models and conversion rates for the same content, thereby determining where price points are associated with a marginal predisposition for customers to spend. For example, a 0.2% conversion increase may seem insignificant at first glance, but in an online environment where a campaign only provides perhaps a 0.2% conversion to start with, this incremental increase could effectively result in a doubling of your revenue.

By seeing how pricing decisions, billing and payment options, and operational transactions lead to more accurate and effective billing, your organization will get a much better understanding of your customers – and thereby have a better chance to maximize recurring revenue and reduce customer churn.

Vindicia solutions for service providers

Vindicia® CashBox® is a SaaS-based subscription management and recurring payment solution designed for the dynamic subscription business models favored by OTT service providers. It features integrated marketing and best practices that boost customer acquisition and optimize customer retention. CashBox sits between the merchant and payment processors to ensure that subscriptions are accurately managed. It lets you quickly change pricing, introduce new bundle plans, support VOD and one-time sales, add a free trial, and reach new audiences through coupons or promotion codes.

If you already have a robust billing system in place, Vindicia Select works with your existing system to dramatically reduce the churn caused by failed payment transactions. Select can resolve about 30% or more of failed transactions without involving the customer. You’ll enjoy an immediate subscription revenue boost of as much as 5%. And customers will stay connected to the OTT services they’ve chosen, enhancing customer satisfaction.

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