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Read Between the Lines – Success Depends on a Growing Subscriber Base

Publishing and content businesses can easily scale subscription billing with the Vindicia platform

The media industry is undergoing transformational change. In today's digital-driven world, consumers are increasingly opting for online consumption, preferring to read news, watch videos, and browse content on an on-demand basis. In response, innovative media organizations, publishers, and other content providers are looking to adopt subscription-based business models to protect their customer base and grow their revenue streams.

This new reality can be challenging if your company is an established media or content provider. You undoubtedly face frustrations when trying to bring ideas for new digital products to market, due to the inherent limitations of your legacy billing system. What you need is the ability to create new products, provide new ways to price products and bill customers, offer frictionless payment facilities, and create new opportunities to retain customers, grow revenue, and increase customer lifetime value.

Strategic billing solutions

Vindicia® CashBox® is a complete subscription management and recurring payment platform that offers marketing functionality and best practices to optimize customer retention, enhance acquisition rates, and minimize operational overhead. It provides options for subscription lifetime, pay-per-use, add-ons, multiple invoicing choices, payment aggregation, virtual currency support, and a full range of payment strategies and payment types. And thanks to our robust analytics capabilities, publishers can take fully take advantage of the information gained through transactional and behavioral monitoring of high-revenue subscribers.

If your company already has an efficient, agile billing system in place, Vindicia Select is the perfect companion solution, increasing subscriber retention and driving higher revenue and customer lifetime value. Using our advanced retention technology, Vindicia Select dramatically reduces the churn caused by failed payment transactions.

Vindicia-Marketing G2 integrated solution

Through our partnership with Marketing G2, we have integrated CashBox with the MG2 Engagement Platform, creating a unique solution designed specifically for publishers and media organizations, allowing them to “hit the reset button” on subscriber management and blaze a path of new digital product innovation while not disturbing existing revenue streams.

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