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Subscription Billing Solutions

Vindicia serves up the perfect recipe for all of your subscription billing needs

When it comes to selecting a subscription billing platform, a half-baked solution just won't do. You need a complete subscription billing solution. One that includes all of the ingredients necessary to maximize your average customer lifetime value (ACLV).

That's why visionary brands like Allrecipes, Vimeo, LifeLock, Angie's List, and Next Issue Media's Texture service rely on Vindicia cloud-based subscription billing platform to monetize their content, goods and services to achieve long-term, predictable, subscription and recurring revenue streams. Leveraging Vindicia's comprehensive subscription billing software, innovative brands are able to:

  • Launch agile subscription business models that respond to customer demand
  • Maximize subscription and recurring revenue through responsive pricing, packaging, bundling, campaigns, and promotions
  • Retain customers longer by implementing frictionless payment facilities that reduce subscriber churn
  • Leverage detailed analytics to better understand subscribers and key consumer trends

We make it easy to entice more customers to join, renew, and upgrade their subscription, membership, or other recurring offerings. We help you improve your consumers' online experience, while maximizing your business agility and ongoing revenue streams.

Vindicia subscription billing solutions

Featuring integrated marketing and best practices to boost customer acquisition and optimize customer retention, Vindicia® CashBox® is our complete SaaS-based subscription billing and recurring payment platform. CashBox sits between the merchant and payment processors to ensure accurately managed subscription and recurring billing and payments. It lets you quickly change pricing, introduce new plans, add a free trial, and reach new audiences through coupons or promotion codes.

If you already have an agile billing system in place, Vindicia Select™ is the perfect companion solution to increase customer retention to drive higher ACLV. Working hand-in-hand with your existing billing platform, Vindicia Select uses our ART Advanced Retention Technology™ system to dramatically reduce the customer churn caused by failed payment transactions.

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