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Subscription Billing Solutions

A subscription billing and recurring revenue business model creates predictable revenue streams.

Subscription Billing Solutions from Vindicia

As a business operating on a subscription billing basis, your critical metric is average customer lifetime value (ACLV). Clients who successfully implement a subscription or recurring billing business model understand how different components like customer acquisition and retention interact to optimize ACLV. Successful subscription and recurring billing businesses also understand the importance of testing different pricing plans, implementing regular cohort analyses, and crafting appropriate up-sell and cross-sell messages. Vindicia® CashBox® is a cloud-based subscription and recurring billing platform that helps subscription businesses manage all subscription billing challenges.

From over-the-top (OTT) video and digital media to productivity and lifestyle services to physical goods sold on a recurring basis, subscription billing and recurring revenue businesses have two customer pipelines: new customer signups and existing customer renewals. To address these needs, we constantly innovate and add new capabilities into Vindicia CashBox that further reduce customer churn and increase your ACLV. Vindicia CashBox provides a fully customizable subscription billing system that will retry declined subscription and recurring billing transactions as many times as it makes sense for your business, with an iinovative business model that only charges you for successful transactions. What’s more, our proprietary ART Advanced Retry Technology™ system enhances existing retry logic to add up to an additional 5% to your monthly transaction success rates.

Vindicia CashBox also allows you to choose and implement the subscription and recurring payment methods that are appropriate for your subscription or recurring billing service and global region, calculate and collect the relevant regional sales or VAT taxes, and manage the appropriate entitlements for your customers.

Subscription-based businesses rely on campaigns to both attract new subscribers and build brand equity. Vindicia CashBox brings subscription and recurring billing businesses greater flexibility to define the appropriate promotion and analyze the business impact of that promotion, and to conduct A/B or multi-variate tests to determine the effectiveness of different campaigns.

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  • CashBox Overview

    CashBox helps your business boost revenue from subscription billing and recurring payments. Our SaaS-based platform provides subscription-based businesses with the scalability to grow and meet new demands, as well as the flexibility and payment options needed to overcome subscription business challenges.

  • CashBox Features

    CashBox provides a wide range of go-to-market features and functionality for companies that operate on a subscription billing and recurring payment business model. Built to suit a variety of recurring revenue financial models, CashBox provides built-in fraud prevention and tax compliance capabilities, international transaction support, and more.

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  • Vindicia Select™

    Vindicia Select is a SaaS-based subscription billing solution that works hand-in-hand with your existing billing system to significantly reduce customer churn caused by failed payment transactions. Our ART Advanced Retention Technology™ system uses over a decade of transaction and recurring payment data to analyze and diagnose failed transactions, and then fixes the problem. The result? Higher customer retention and lifetime value.