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Vindicia CashBox Subscription Billing Platform

Speed time to market and drive recurring revenue streams

Like a finely-tuned racecar, Vindicia® CashBox® is a SaaS-based subscription management platform that delivers the power and speed that you need to win in today's subscription-based economy. It overcomes the drawbacks of traditional billing approaches to support the entire subscription lifecycle. Vindicia CashBox helps you:

  • Speed time to market, improve customer acquisition and increase subscription revenue
  • Improve customer satisfaction with self-service capabilities and reduced billing hassles
  • Accelerate the growth of your customer base with higher retention rates
  • Refine your subscription business model with data-driven insights

Subscription billing software

From over-the-top (OTT) entertainment services to the recurring delivery of physical goods—and everything in between—the CashBox platform helps you take advantage of powerful subscription and recurring billing practices that drive higher recurring revenues. CashBox supports your business with:

  • Scalability and reliability
  • Go-to-market flexibility
  • A wide range of international and local payment options
  • Finance, tax, and anti-fraud capabilities
  • Business optimization

The Network Effect

Adding value beyond the core functions of CashBox, the Network Effect of our wealth of subscription transaction data combined with analysis gives us a window into trends and patterns across subscription subsectors. In insightful business reviews, you benefit from our use of benchmarking and data-driven analysis to resolve problems and uncover opportunities to increase revenue. 

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Choosing CashBox, a SaaS billing solution, is the first step to increase subscription revenue and grow your customer base. The Vindicia Customer Success team will get you up and running quickly with a deployment methodology we’ve built around proven use cases and best practices. To learn more, read the Vindicia CashBox data sheet

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Vindicia CashBox Overview

Vindicia CashBox Overview

Introduction to Vindicia CashBox

Data Sheet

Vindicia cashbox feature highlights

Vindicia CashBox Feature Highlights data sheet: SaaS-based subscription billing and recurring revenue platform

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