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Vindicia CashBox: 

The Subscription Billing Platform for Business Success

Drive 10-15% subscription revenue uplift

Vindicia® CashBox® is the SaaS billing platform for subscription business success. More than just a subscription billing solution, with CashBox you can acquire more customers, bill them faultlessly, enhance retention, expand and recognize revenue, manage financials, and continuously improve operations. The difference shows in your bottom line and key metrics – every month, quarter, and year.

Support for the entire subscription business lifecycle

CashBox is the perfect solution for subscription businesses because it supports all aspects of the subscription business lifecycle:

CashBox supports the entire subscription business lifecycle
  • Acquire: Cost-effectively attract and convert new subscribers. Add agility to the way you create products and promotions, fine-tune campaigns, and rapidly bring them to market.
  • Bill: Deliver the pricing options and frictionless subscription billing platform that today’s customers expect, while supporting reporting, revenue recognition, and other financial processes.
  • Retain: Measurably minimize all types of churn. Automatically resolve declined transactions, prevent passive churn, extend customer lifetime value, and boost long-term revenue streams
  • Expand: Grow your business by upselling, cross-selling, and rapidly expanding into new geographies, new products, and new lines of business.
  • Succeed: Learn from our consultants who will share industry benchmarking data, best practices, and revenue-enhancing ideas. You can trust our expertise, because we’re the Subscription People.

The Network Effect: data-driven insights that drive success

The Vindicia Network Effect is part of what makes CashBox unique. It’s not just that we’ve processed $29+ billion in 600+ million transactions. Over the past 15 years, we’ve analyzed and harnessed payment and transaction data to generate business insights and best practices that feed into all phases of the subscription business lifecycle. For example, the Network Effect is core to how CashBox is able to automatically resolve as much as 30% of failed payment transactions and improve customer retention.

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