Vindicia Select

Vindicia Select: 

Leveraging Data Insights to Recover Lost Revenue 

Capture up to 15-30% of failed payment transactions

Vindicia® Select™ utilizes sophisticated algorithms and subscription intelligence to automatically resolve up to 30% of failed payment transactions. Select will reduce passive churn – immediately increasing your card-based revenue 3-6%, and dramatically extending customer lifetime value. No ordinary recurring payment solution is able to recapture these levels of lost revenue. Retrying transactions and deploying account updater only goes so far. Select is a smarter retention tool.

If you accept credit and debit card payments, you know that transaction failures can have a devastating effect – reduced revenue, increased churn, and the negative impact that intrusive recapture efforts have on the customer experience. Every subscription business needs the power of selected data provided by Vindicia Select.

How did we transform subscription billing? Machine learning.

Vindicia Select applies machine learning to analyze vast data sets and extract invaluable insights. Select leverages the big data analytics of the 600+ million payment transactions that we’ve processed over the years. When applied to failed transactions, Select unravels the reason for the failure and then automatically takes corrective actions to resolve the issue. When re-presented, the transaction completes successfully, sending funds straight to your bank. What’s more, you can better predict customer motivations and create additional revenue through more personalized offers.

Vindicia Select

Select leverages the "Network Effect" of our entire transaction data history

Easy and quick to deploy

Select is a noninvasive SaaS solution that complements your existing billing and IT environment. Deploy it in days and start seeing benefits immediately.

Vindicia Trial – see for yourself with your own data

Want to see Select in action with you own data? Participate in the complimentary Vindicia Trial. We will run your data through Select’s algorithms so you can see for yourself exactly how much revenue – and how many customers – Select will save every month.

To learn more, read the Vindicia Select data sheetSee for yourself why they call us the Subscription People.

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Forrester TEI Study

Read the Forrester study on recovering failed payment transactions: "The Total Economic Impact of Vindicia Select."

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