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Vindicia Select Recurring Payment Solution

Increase customer retention and build greater recurring revenue

Working hand in hand with your existing billing platform, Vindicia® Select™ is our cloud-based recurring payment solution that works to resolve failed payment transactionsWe’ve been handling subscription and recurring revenue transactions for over 15 years. Leveraging the wealth of data in our network, Select uses our ART Advanced Retention Technology™ system to analyze failed transactions, diagnose the issue, and recover the revenue.

The result? Select resolves failed transactions without inconveniencing the customer. Subscriber retention rates soar, improving your average customer lifetime value (ACLV). And you keep your customers connected to the services they’ve chosen, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. With Vindicia Select, you can:

  • Reduce involuntary churn up to 25%
  • See immediate revenue uplift of as much as 5%
  • Increase ACLV through improved customer retention
  • Start increasing customer retention in days, not months, with a noninvasive solution

Select is a noninvasive, SaaS solution that works with virtually any billing system. Deploying Select requires minimal modification to existing systems and workflows. It requires little involvement from your IT team. Vindicia can get you started in days—not months. Your subscription and recurring revenue will increase from the first day you use Vindicia Select.

To learn more, read the Vindicia Select data sheet. To learn about our complimentary trial, read the Vindicia Trial data sheet.

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