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Vindicia Select: 

Recover Failed Payment Transactions

Capture up to 15-30% of failed payment transactions

If you accept credit and debit card payments, then you know that transaction failures can have a devastating effect on your business – reducing revenue, increasing churn, and negatively impacting the customer experience. Retrying transactions and using account updater can alleviate some of the damage from payment failures, but they only go so far. That’s why you need Vindicia® Select™.

Select utilizes machine learning, smart logic, and sophisticated algorithms to automatically resolve 15-30% of failed payment transactions that other strategies are unable to recapture. Select reduces passive churn, increases your card-based revenue by up to 3-6%, and extends customer lifetime value.

How does it work? The Network Effect

The unique analysis that Select applies to failed transactions is derived from what we call the Network Effect. Select leverages insights from our analysis of the 600+ million payment transactions that we’ve processed in the last 15 years. Select unravels the reason for a transaction failure, and then automatically applies corrective action to resolve the underlying issue. When re-presented, the transaction completes successfully, sending funds straight to your bank.

Vindicia Select

The Network Effect: Vindicia Select leverages our wealth of transaction data

Easy and quick to deploy

Select is a noninvasive SaaS solution that complements your existing billing and IT environment. Deploy it in days and start seeing benefits overnight.

Vindicia Trial – see for yourself with your own data

Want to see Select in action with you own data? Participate in the complimentary Vindicia Trial. We will run your data through Select’s algorithms so you can see for yourself exactly how much revenue – and how many customers – Select will save every month.

To learn more, read the Vindicia Select data sheet.

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