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Vindicia Trial: 

See How We Recover Failed Transactions and Boost Customer Retention

See Vindicia Select in action with your own payment transaction data

Vindicia® Select utilizes sophisticated algorithms and subscription intelligence to automatically resolve up to 15 to 30% of terminally failed payment transactions. And our complimentary Vindicia Trial proves it. You provide 3 to 5 days worth of transaction data and we’ll show you how much revenue Select can can recover.

involuntary churn

15 to 30% less churn

revenue uplift

3 to 6% immediate
revenue uplift

increase aclv

Increased ACLV

The Vindicia Trial leverages the big data analytics of 940 million payment transactions that we’ve processed over the years. When applied to your terminally failed transactions, Select unravels the reason for the failure and then automatically takes corrective actions to resolve the issue. You retain the otherwise lost revenue – and the customer.

See how the Vindicia Trial works:

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Transaction failures can have a devastating effect on your subscription business – increased churn, reduced revenue, and the negative impact on the customer experience. That’s why every subscription business needs the power of Vindicia Select as proven by the Vindicia Trial. To schedule your complimentary trial, just fill in the form at right.

And for more insight, read the Forrester study "The Total Economic Impact of Vindicia Select" and see how Select reduces churn, boosts revenue, and extends ACLV. Also, check out the Forrester video and infographic.

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