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Vindicia’s subscription billing and recurring payment solutions work like magic to increase your recurring revenue streams. And the complimentary Vindicia Trial proves it.

involuntary churn

25% less
involuntary churn

revenue uplift

Up to 5%
revenue uplift

increase aclv


Subscription businesses suffer from failed payment card transactions. Vindicia Select leverages unique, patented techniques and machine learning to recover terminally failed transactions, thereby increasing revenue and preventing customer churn. The complimentary Vindicia Trial demonstrates the revenue uplift your business can expect to see with Vindicia Select.

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About Vindicia Select:

  • Noninvasive SaaS solution
  • Integrates with existing billing system – no system replacement
  • Deploy in days with no dependence on existing IT systems
  • Fully secure – PCI Level 1 compliant
  • Recovers up to 30% of terminally failed payment card transactions
  • Transparent to your customers – They won’t even know

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