Recurring Payments

Your Recurring Payment Solution Must Give Your Subscribers Freedom of Choice

Boost customer retention with payment flexibility and watch recurring revenue pour in

To acquire and retain recurring customers, you need to make it easy, flexible, and frictionless to pay for your products or services. That can be a difficult task, because payment methods today are rapidly growing and evolving. The key to recurring payment success? Let your customers pay with the payment method they choose.

What you need is a recurring billing platform that accepts virtually every payment method and proactively enables the acceptance of new recurring payment methods as they emerge. Vindicia® CashBox® is a SaaS-based platform with integrated marketing functionality and best practices to enhance your customer acquisition rates, increase customer payment flexibility, reduce churn by optimizing customer retention, and reduce operational overhead. With CashBox, you can take full control of your recurring payment and revenue business model with detailed analytics to retain and grow new revenue streams.

If you already have an efficient, agile recurring billing platform in place, Vindicia Select is the perfect companion solution to increase customer retention and drive higher revenue and customer lifetime value. Select works hand-in-hand with your existing billing system. Using our advanced retention technology, Select dramatically reduces the churn caused by failed payment transactions. To learn more, read the Forrester study "The Total Economic Impact of Vindicia Select" and see how Vindicia Select reduces churn, boosts revenue, and extends ACLV. And check out the Forrester videos and infographic.

Regardless of the Vindicia solution you choose, you can rest assured that we accept the industry’s broadest range of payment methods and currencies, from credit and debit cards, to PayPal and Amazon Pay, to Apple Pay, Google Pay and mobile carrier billing. We also support bank transfers, electronic checks, and region-specific recurring payment methods such as ELV payments in Germany.

At Vindicia, we’re continuously adding new and improved recurring payment methods to help drive your on-going subscription business success. View our mobile payments infographic.

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