November 30, 2010 | Authored by: Vindicia Team Blogs

Next Issue Media and the Future of Publishing

Today, Vindicia and Next Issue Media, a joint venture of Time, Inc., News Corporation, Hearst, Condé Nast, and Meredith Corporation announced that Vindicia CashBox will power subscription billing and enable marketing metrics and customer retention for the next step in the publishing industry.

Next Issue Media has a go big or go home strategy. Vindicia’s proven scale and expertise in digital content and services were the keys to their decision to use our platform. In addition, our ability to support multiple business models – from subscriptions to microtransactions to hybrid models – helps companies navigate through new launches and business shifts over time. Our team has lived these sorts of transitions from the first dollar collected all the way to billion dollar subscription businesses. We know what questions the marketing team needs to be able to answer and how to advise clients like Next Issue Media on how to respond to the story their marketing metrics are telling. We also understand the challenges of managing channel transition, both strategic and tactical. Many on our team have even run a little music magazine website or two once upon a time.

We’re excited about Morgan Guenther’s “go big” strategy and we can’t wait to move our periodical subscriptions to our electronic devices. Not only will readers appreciate this, but we predict that publishers will see a revenue lift and an increase in average subscription lengths.

I’m sure that my kitchen counter, where my magazines collect, will love this.

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