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The Power of CashBox with Salesforce

Digital merchants, large and small, are always looking for leverage points to simplify and automate their business.

This is often done to drive customer satisfaction, increase cost-effectiveness and sometimes to just streamline internal processes to more efficiently run their business.

The CashBox for Salesforce apps that we announced today give digital businesses another tool to support these efforts.

Now digital businesses can leverage the reporting and analytics power of Salesforce with the billing and marketing power of CashBox to understand, for example, customer purchase patterns, the impact of various promotions, and even to understand customer retention by geography. Through these native applications, companies can now utilize the analytics capabilities within Salesforce to make critical business decisions. CashBox for Salesforce is available on AppExchange.

The Quote to Cash capabilities enable digital business to manage the entire customer lifetime within the Salesforce ecosystem: quote a customer, manage workflow, create a billing plan, use a promotion code, manage billing cycles and automate the entire customer lifetime.

We continue to introduce new products and product enhancements to our flagship CashBox product line around the twin themes of customer acquisition and retention. To learn more please contact us.

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