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Shakespeare and Business Models

Even the British theatre is moving towards online consumption.

A company called Digital Theatre now provides both download and streaming capabilities for a variety of performances, from Shakespeare to Billy the Kid. Digital Theatre uses two online business models - one-time show purchases as well as 48 hour rentals. As its content library grows, Digital Theatre even has the option to offer subscriptions to its entire collection for a recurring fee each month or year.

When you have an international audience as Digital Theatre does, pricing is a critical strategic consideration. Apparently some customers have found that purchasing content in US $ even when in England is a better deal than purchasing in UK £. People will always try to arbitrage to save money, but remember to keep the pricing consistent with the value you provide for customers anywhere in the world.

To learn more about the nuances of different digital business models, review our Best Practices Guide on Business Models. Additionally, we've turned that content into a webinar that reviews the pros and cons of these models.

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